ACM Passport Program

Journal CoverDesigned to generate enthusiasm for American artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheeses, the American Cheese Month “Passport” program invites customers to purchase an American Cheese Month Passport at their local retailer for $10.

These pocket-sized cheese tasting journals are the perfect place to store notes about cheeses sampled throughout the month of October. Passport-holders can receive special discounts on American artisan cheeses in your store, or simply use their passports to keep track of their favorite cheeses.

All revenue from passport sales is donated to the nonprofit American Cheese Education Foundation to support critical cheese industry research, education, and scholarships for cheesemakers, retailers, students, and chefs to attend the Annual ACS Conference.

If you are interested in participating in the passport program, contact Rebecca Orozco at 720-328-2788. Passports are provided at no cost (shipping only), and any unsold passports may be returned to ACS.