Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved in American Cheese Month! See a few of our suggestions below, and look for a list of helpful resources and American Cheese Month materials at left. Once you’ve made your plans, add them to our Event Calendar, and spread the word via social media (#AmericanCheeseMonth)!

Session Attendee Tasting Cheese-Uriah CarpenterAdd Your October Events to the American Cheese Month Calendar so that ACS can promote them in our American Cheese Month e-newsletters, on our website, and via social media!


Ask your representative to adopt a resolution declaring October to be American Cheese Month. Download a proclamation template and personalize it for your region and representative before submitting it for signature. Share the signed proclamation on our website and with your customers!


Plan a fundraiser for the nonprofit American Cheese Education (ACE) Foundation, or donate a portion of proceeds from sales to the Foundation.


Cheesemakers: Host a special event or tour at your farm, facility, tasting room, onsite restaurant, or retail outlet; work with local retailers to reach consumers; create special recipes and share on your website; offer special packages and pairings.


Retailers, Distributors, and Cheesemongers: Promote featured American cheeses with special offers and tasting menus; offer in-store tastings, events, or education; bring in producers to meet directly with your customers; or even offer an American Cheese Month Groupon. Consider selling American Cheese Month passports for $10 in-store, with proceeds benefiting the American Cheese Education Foundation.


Water Buffalo Session 2015-3-Uriah CarpenterChefs & Restaurateurs: Feature an American artisan cheese plate on your menu in October; incorporate American cheese into special recipes; invite local cheesemakers (and brewers/wineries) to organize a special tasting evening at your restaurant.


Regional Cheese Guilds: Hold a “Meet the Cheesemaker” event, where your local producers can meet consumers and share samples of their cheeses.


Cheese Enthusiasts: Hold an at-home tasting or pairing evening with friends and share photos on our Facebook page; try making cheese at home; develop recipes using your favorite American cheeses; take part in ACM events in your area.


Media: Feature local cheesemakers and independent cheese shops in your area; highlight cheese-related stories throughout the month, try new American cheeses and blogging your tasting notes.


Brewers, Cidermakers, and Winemakers: Host a special event at your facility by bringing in cheeses from local producers, or create unique pairings for your customers to enjoy throughout the month.


Specialty Food Producers: Pair American cheeses with your crackers, breads, condiments, and spreads, and share the pairing ideas and recipes via social media!